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The Bead Mama

Introducing Jerra, also known as The Bead Mama

We started working with this sweet mama years ago. One of our very best friends was in the hardest battle of her life, fighting triple-negative breast cancer. We asked her to make bracelets for us with the word ‘VICTORY’ on them so that we could look at them daily and claim victory over our friend. Not only did she make us the bracelets, but over the course of the next month made so many more victory bracelets for all the people that were praying victory with us, over our sweet friend. She has since made the most beautiful keychains for us to gift our buyers, jewelry we give as gifts to friends and family (of course, some we have had made for ourselves), and ornaments we gift our clients for their Christmas trees. She has created chalkboards that are works of art for our parties and so much more. This sweet soul not only makes the most beautiful gifts but she, in herself, is a gift to so many, just by being who she is.

Car Rides with Sisters & Co.

The Sisters & Co. Journal

We are in the car ALOT, so we have to make it fun.  Life is short so don't take it too serious, Our motto is work really hard but also, let your hair down and have fun

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