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The Cig Marks the Spot

In the world of real estate, every transaction brings its own unique set of challenges, surprises, and memorable moments. At times, these experiences are so amusing that they could easily fill the pages of a book. And while we haven’t written that book just yet, there’s one particular transaction that stands out as a comedy of errors, leaving us in stitches from start to finish.

It all began when we found ourselves representing a buyer in a transaction that promised to be anything but ordinary. From the moment we first connected with the listing agent, we knew we were in for a memorable ride. With a sense of humor as big as his personality, this realtor had us laughing from day one.

But it was on closing day that the hilarity reached its peak. As we eagerly awaited the moment to pick up the keys for our excited buyer, we encountered an unexpected snag – the lockbox was nowhere to be found so we reached out to the listing agent to inquire where we could find the key.

His response? A classic example of his comedic genius. “I took the lockbox,” he explained, “but don’t worry, I hid the key for you.” Sounds simple enough, right? Not quite. He proceeded to tell us the key was hidden beneath a paver on the side of the house (there were probably 50 pavers in this area). When we inquired as to which of the many pavers he put the key under, he responded, “it’s under the paver marked with my cig”. I guess in this case, the CIG really did mark the spot!

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