Client Stories

Finding Home

It’s All About the Journey

At the heart of our work lies a profound dedication to guiding our clients towards the place they can truly call home. From the initial stages of house hunting to the pivotal moment of conveying the news that their offer has been accepted, we relish every step of the journey alongside our buyers. Witnessing their joy and excitement only fuels our passion further. Attending signings and witnessing the exchange of keys are moments of immense fulfillment for us, but perhaps the most rewarding aspect is the relationships we cultivate throughout the entire process. Even after the keys have been handed over, we remain committed to staying connected with our clients. The true delight comes when we receive photographs showcasing the personal touches they’ve added to their new abode. And then, there are those exceptional stories that resonate deeply with us, like the one we’re about to share. It’s a tale of transformation, where a vision cultivated from the outset blossoms into a home that exceeds all expectations, becoming everything our clients had ever dreamed of, and more.

What’s Meant to Be Will Be

Our buyers had been searching for quite some time for the PERFECT place for themselves and their son—a tranquil retreat off the beaten path with ample space for kids and animals to roam. They were not daunted by the prospect of investing effort into a property and leaving their distinct mark upon it. The ideal opportunity presented itself when the perfect property hit the market, but it swiftly entered escrow, leaving our offer unaccepted. In hopeful anticipation, we all prayed, trusting that if it was meant to be, things would fall into place. Fast forward a week later, and we received the call from the listing agent informing us that the property had fallen out of escrow, and it was available to us if we desired. Without hesitation, we contacted our clients, and within moments, tears of joy began to flow as we all realized that this was indeed the plan that God had ordained for them all along.”

When a House Becomes a Home

We quickly got their current home on the market and into escrow and in no time flat were handing over keys to their beautiful new home. They had huge plans to renovate and turn this into the home of their DREAMS. Over the next weeks and months we continued to get pictures of the transformation and hear all the exciting stories along the way. When it was all finished we had the honor of dropping by to see the fruits of all their hard work and stood in their brand new kitchen in disbelief that it was the same house we walked through just a few short months earlier. Did they have to include us in the rest of the story, not at all, but did they, YES! We are so thankful for the stories. We are so happy we get a front seat to watch “life happen” and memories be made in the homes that we had a small part in helping them attain. This will never be just a career for us. It will forever be our passion and finding HOME will never be something we take for granted.

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