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5 Things We Do With Every New Listing

Price it Right

We understand the importance of pricing your home at the “sweet spot” – the perfect balance where it generates buzz, attracts potential buyers, and leads to competitive offers. We never sell our sellers a pipe dream of inflated value; instead, we prioritize honesty and realism when discussing pricing strategies. Setting realistic expectations from the outset is crucial. Overpricing leads to disappointment and wasted time. Remember, a home can never be priced too low because the market ultimately determines its value. However, pricing too high can result in a flood of lowball offers, prolonging the selling process and potentially costing you money.

Take Professional Listing Photos

The first encounter potential buyers have with a property is online. High-quality photos create a positive first impression, drawing viewers in and sparking their interest. Eye-catching photos increase the likelihood of your listing being clicked on and shared across various online platforms. This heightened visibility attracts more potential buyers and increases the chances of a successful sale. We use only the best photographers to make your home stand out in the best of ways!

Have The Home Professionally Cleaned

A clean home creates a positive first impression for potential buyers. It sets the stage for viewing the property in its best light and signals that the home has been well-maintained. A clean home conveys a sense of value and care, leading buyers to perceive the property as more desirable and worth the asking price.

Advertise the Listing on Social Media

Social media encourages users to share content with their networks, expanding the reach of a listing beyond our immediate audience. When we market through social media, it increases exposure and the likelihood of finding a qualified buyer. Social media allows for targeted advertising, giving us the tools to target listings to specific demographics and interests. This approach ensures that the listing is seen by individuals who are most likely to be interested in purchasing a home.

Set Clear Lines of Communication

Effective communication allows us to understand the seller’s goals, priorities, and concerns. By listening and asking the right questions, we can tailor our approach to meet our seller’s needs and achieve the desired outcomes. We also know our sellers appreciate timely updates on the progress of their listing, including feedback from showings, market activity, and any developments that may impact the sale. We make sure that through regular communication we keep our sellers informed and reassured throughout the process. Clear communication fosters transparency between us as the agents and the seller, ensuring that we are always on the same page. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, in return building trust and confidence with our clients.

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