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Ariscents Candle Co.

Meet Ariana, Owner of Ariscents Candle Co.

Meet Ariana! The creative mind behind Ariscents Candle Co, where passion for candles meets a commitment to non-toxic living. As a wife, mother, and candle connoisseur, Ariana’s journey into candle making was inspired by a desire for healthier, more conscious living.

It all began during Ariana’s pregnancy with her son when she became aware of the toxins emitted by the candles she burned in her home. Determined to create a healthier environment for her growing family, she embarked on a journey of research and discovery to understand the ingredients and fragrances used in conventional candles.

Driven by her newfound knowledge and a desire to maintain her love for candles in a non-toxic way, Ariana made the decision to start making her own. Armed with passion and dedication, she entered into the world of candle making, experimenting with fragrances and ingredients to craft candles that were both safe and luxurious.

Ariscents Candle Co quickly gained traction, with Ariana’s commitment to quality and non-toxicity resonating with a growing community of conscious consumers. Each candle is meticulously handcrafted using only the finest ingredients, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn that fills any space with delightful aromas.

Join us in celebrating Ariana and the radiant glow of Ariscents Candle Co!

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